This blog is about my experiences in food…recipes that I’m working on, ingredients I’m currently obsessing about, encounters with like-minded people, discovering new worlds through travels and books, and a backdoor view of life as a restaurateur and caterer. I started it to force myself to document and share them because I believe in journaling and my memory is horrible. This is also my wannabe attempt to be a “ food writer”. I’m hoping I can sustain it.

I am a 37-year old professional executive chef/restaurateur/caterer. I currently have 3 active brands Mesclun, CDP and LIT.  Mesclun is my home-base and the brand of my catering operations. My Mesclun team also runs the F&B operations of The Linden Suites in Ortigas. CDP is a restaurant in Rockwell that I co-own with my friends. LIT is a Japanese Whisky Bar where I make an appearance when food needs to be prepared and/or Saké needs to be tasted.

Heading the companies that I have has limited my actual cooking/kitchen time but has strengthened my passion for creating new things. Collaborations with my teams of chefs & learning through them, are some of the things that excite me now. Endlessly discussing food and wine and playing with recipes is another.

The 2 most gratifying hats I wear are wife and mother. I almost put motherhood as THE most gratifying but my husband can read and my baby girl can’t yet so we can edit this later on.

Disclaimer: My view on food and life, is sometimes often, seen through rosé-tinted wine glasses. Some entries may be exaggerated or imagined only.

Thank you for dropping by.

-Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara

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