Singapore Lah

I recently went to Singapore to accompany my BFF Malou for a medical check-up and ended up shopping too much in between her test appointments. I told her Thank God she’s ok because I couldn’t afford to keep accompanying her! But I won’t post about my shopping because my husband reads this blog (I think). So here are some restaurants we checked out…
RELISH by Wild Rocket
We like going to Relish and Wild Rocket because we always like seeing what Chef Willin Low is up to. This trip, we went to Relish, the group’s casual burgers and pasta kind of restaurant. My favorite pasta at Relish is the Hae Bee Hiam Spaghettini with scallops and shrimp belachan.  I also especially liked the Sugar Snap Pea Salad (snow peas, roasted almonds, pickled onions, feta cheese) and I think this will inspire me to do more vegetable salads which is really good when you want to have salad as a meal as lettuce really doesn’t get me fully satisfied, no matter how much of it I eat.

Hae Bee Hiam Spaghettini, spicy conpoy, baby scallops, shrimp belachan


Sugar Snap Pea Salad


Group 1.jpg
With Wild Rocket chef Willin Low at The Hyatt’s Martini Bar. Also in picture are Heloise, Beth, myself & Malou.


Fine dining restaurants usually tell a story and adhere to a philosophy. Corner House has a full-course Gastro-Botanica Menu as a testament to theirs (however un-evolved people like me pretend not to see it and go for the crab, cuttlefish & wagyu with the champagne to start, wine with the course and limoncello at the end).


Left page tells of Corner House’s Philosophy and the right page tells of what I ate. 


One of my favorite things in fine dining establishments are amuse bouches and mignardises. It feels like you’re getting something for free and it always leaves you wanting more.


Amuse Bouche.jpg

I wish I took a better photo of these jelly amuse bouches because this photo doesn’t do it justice.  With mustard seed and cucumber, it was like a short burst of pickles and does exactly what an amuse bouche is for.

Salted Eggc Macaroons.jpg
Salted Egg Macarons Mignardises. I wonder when/if Europe & the US will pick up the salted egg craze that’s sweeping South East Asia? 


Rock Salt.jpgRock salt in a rock. Not your typical pebble at the beach.

 The Rissoni with Shaved Truffles was excellent and inspiring…so inspiring that Im thinking of what rissoni dish I can do.


With my cohorts, Beth & Malou for our obligatory “we were there” shot.


If I were to choose my favorite meal of the trip, it would have to be the lunch at Candlenut. The balance of flavors I thought were very indicative of the chef’s talent. The restaurant describes itself as “Inspired Peranakan” so I was expecting more modern cuisine but most dishes, I thought were comfort food. Case in point, on the menu was Yeye’s Curry and Mum’s Curry, obvious references to familial recipes. Not that I’m complaining. If my grandfather & mom cooked curry as well as the chef’s, I would put it on my menu too.

Mums Curry.jpgMum’s Curry (red chicken curry) (Yeye’s Kari is green and with pork.)

Asam Fish.jpgThe Assam fish was a perfect blend of sour & spice and is a dish that tells you the chef knows how to balance flavors. Assam Fish (Sour & spicy sauce w fresh ocean barramundi fillets, baby lady’s fingers, tomatoes, eggplant & pineapple)

Wing Bean.jpgWing Bean Salad  (wing beans, prawns, crispy fish, baby red radish, lemongrass, chilli flakes, cashew nuts, mint, coriander with lime dressing) &  Buah Keluak a Peranakan signature, black nuts that are soaked and scrubbed for a minimum of 5 days.

Ice Cream.jpg
Chendol Cream with gula melaka sauce and pandas jelly; Durian Soup with durian ice cream, durian purée and a feuilletine; Buak Keluak with dark chocolate ice cream, milk chocolate espuma and chili specks on the chocolate crumble. 


Group 2.jpg
With Beth, Candlenut Chef Malcolm Lee, Heloise, me and Malou


So many restaurants, so little time. To cap off the trip, and no Singapore trip is complete anymore without everyone’s current favorite pasalubong, half my suitcase was filled with Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips & Fish Skins. The “Dangerously addictive” tagline couldn’t be anymore true so my “pasalubong” is actually stocked at home and I hopefully don’t run out of stock until the next Singapore trip.

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