Madeleine’s 1st Birthday

thumb_3_1024.jpgIt takes a village to raise a child and an awesome team to throw a party.

I’m grateful to have a daughter that gave me an excuse to plan a girly 1st birthday party and a team that can execute it. Babies won’t remember anything about their first birthday, though they might ask for proof of party by way of photos in the future. First birthday parties are really more for the parents (says the mom). To address these 2 main points, we prepared a photogenic dessert buffet that spelled out Madeleine’s name (proof of awesome party) and a gin bar (for Mom) and a whisky bar (for Dad). Everybody happy.

When I say we spelled out Madeleine’s name, this is what I mean:

M – Millefeuille dés Crêpes
A – Apple Pie
D – Donuts
E – Ensaymada
L – Lemon Curd
E – Egg Tarts
I – Ice Cream
N – Nutella Truffles
E – EclairsDessert Table.jpg

And for her birthday cake, we prepared a Frasiér, one of my favorite cakes to make and eat.


For additional “cool mom” points, I asked Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila to help coordinate and style the party. When Ernest styles, and Happy Folks shoots, great “proof of party photos” are guaranteed.Madeleines Bday B.png


Madeleines Bday.pngthumb_AA2_5997_LR_1024 copy.jpgMadeleines Bday A-.pngMadeleines Bday B2.pngI added Madeleines with Raspberries and and Ice Cream & Milkshake booth using my family’s ArceDairy Ice Cream! We made some Nutella Truffles and Eclairs, always crowd favorites.

On her actual birthday, 2 days before the party, we did a cake smash photo shoot with Stanley Ong. She literally had her cake and ate it too. I used these photos for the Thank You card.


And finally, the gin and whisky bar to celebrate mom & dad! Yay!Madeleines Bday A-3.png


One thought on “Madeleine’s 1st Birthday

  1. Lolopops says:

    It sucks that Nina and lolo pops couldn’t make it 😞, it looked like it was a super party for our dear Madei!!!

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