Beautiful Burgundy

Facebook reminded me that Father’s day last year, I was sharing a bottle of Nuits St Georges at Nuits St Georges,  Burgundy with my dad. I was in Paris with my friends and we met my dad for the weekend in Burgundy who gamely became the designated driver.

Driving in the wine country is one of the most pleasant experiences. I mean this as a passenger. It must be fun to drive it as well but its funner when you are riding shotgun in between tastings at wineries, vineyards all around as a background to your groove as you (or your designated driver) follow the wine route. For wine lovers to be in Burgundy is so surreal because the town you’re at has the same name as the iconic wines that you love (most of which I can’t afford on a daily basis). As in most of France but especially in Burgundy, wine appellations are named after their town. So you go to Gevrey Chambertin to have Gevrey Chambertin and have Meursault at Meursault. It’s trippy, it’s geeky but to me, it was oh-so cool.

The great reds of Burgundy are phenomenal but for me, their whites are the best in the world. In fact, my 11-year old dog is named Chablis because she was white and I loved her at first sight.

We stayed at the hotel of Maison Leflaive at Puligny-Montrachet which turned out to be an excellent decision! You can feel the personal service of the owners, Olivier and Patrick Leflaive who gave a personal tour of the estate. This was actually somewhat of a shock to me because when I was a student in Paris, I would take some trips to the wine country and let’s just say they weren’t as advanced in their wine tourism service. To put it bluntly, they weren’t the friendliest of peoples.

There’s so much to study about wine but the best way to learn is to taste it. And taste we did.

The terroir of Puligny Montrachet. Wine 101 is more exciting when it’s right in front of you.

The charming Patrick Leflaive giving us a tour of their estate.IMG_0730 1.jpg

Lunch at the hotel after the tour came with a 6-bottle tasting. Chicken and foie gras terrine to start the course.IMG_0753 1.jpg

Co-conspirators of shenanigans, Beth & Malou.IMG_2009.jpg

After the 6 white wines we tasted for lunch, we went to Chateau Chamirey to taste some more.

The Ancestral home of the family who owns Chateau Chamirey. It’s quite pretty but I was almost waiting for a ghost to appear on a window.IMG_0790 1.jpg

 Cedric showing us their tableu of vintages. MV – Mauvais Vintage; BV – Bon Vintage.  TBV – Tres Bon Vintage, which means Bad Vintage, Good Vintage and Very Good Vintage.
IMG_0775 1.jpg
There’s no wrong choice when these are the options.

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