In My Electronic Bookshelf

thing I love about the ipad is ibooks. 90% of my books are cookbooks and most
of them are as big and heavy as encyclopedias (are there still encyclopedias or
has google rendered those obsolete?). With my e-books in my ipad, I have a
library of books and magazines (& games) on-hand – especially convenient
when stuck in traffic, waiting on doctors or traveling. Here are some of my


Dominique Ansel: The
Secret Recipes

Ansel rose to fame with his cronut creation. When I went to his shop though,
the pastry that impressed me the most was his Kouign Amman -a technically
difficult pastry to do well, especially in a country like ours. Honestly, I
find his style too marketing-oriented but he is a talented trendsetter just the
same. The book has the recipes to his success (pun intended). Maybe it’s time
to try them out.


Obligatory photo with Dominique Ansel at his shop after
lining up to see what the fuss was about. I woke up for the love of the game
and my BFF Malou woke up for the love of me coz she doesn’t even like sweets. 


Bar Tartine:
Techniques and Recipes

Robertson is a bread genius, hence a cult following of most anyone interested
in bread. I ate at his restaurant, Bar Tartine in San Francisco and was so
impressed with the layers of flavors. It was simple yet not. I downloaded this
book as soon as it was out and got overwhelmed while browsing it. No wonder his
food tasted that way…so much detail and so much passion, a commendable purist
with much success.


Tartines at Bar Tartine, where the quality of ingredients


Plenty and Plenty
More: Yotam Ottolenghi

actually haven’t tried anything from his cookbooks but just having them makes
me feel like a part-time vegetarian. There’s something admirable about people
who can cook vegetarian with robust flavors, very different from my instinct to
add animal fat to elevate flavors of dishes. The photos are nice so I literally
judged the book by it’s cover.


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